Hardanger National Tourist Route Map

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Hardanger National Tourist Route Map

Hardanger National Tourist Route Map Høyteknologisk

The 18 Scenic Routes · My trip. You have no scenic routes on your trip list. Select a scenic route from the menu “The 18 Scenic Jotunheimen, Rondane Lofoten islands, Vesteralen, Senja. Road Atlas and Road Maps of Norway. Hardanger 1:75 000 - National Tourist Routes National Tourist Route Hardanger and National Tourist Route Hardangervidda Contact us for detailed information on hiking maps and more The Hardangerfjord route is a part of National cycle route no There are large areas with many possibilities for both road and mountain trips. Here you will find the maps you need to visit the attractions and hiking

Fantastic views and superb area for outdoor activities! We specialise in home-made food based on raw foodstuffs from the mountains and Hardanger.

Travel companies no. Centrally placed in the middle of Hardangervidda, where footpaths meet from north, south, east and west. The kitchen serves solid and traditional food based on local food ingredients.

Farm animals and a mountain dairy farm make this a popular place for families with children. In the winter we have prepared and maintained trails for cross-country skiing - around three kilometres to the alpine centre. Stigstuv is a 4th generation privately owned touristhut with a personal atmosphere. Five marked DNT footpaths lead to us. We welcome you to spend the night or just to pay us a visit!

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Great hiking and skiing possibilities both summer and winter. The Trolltrain, a train on wheels, takes you for a 50 minute guided tour in the Eidfjord area. You can experience Eidfjords vigorous nature and cultural treasures, a. A photostop at an amazing viewpoint with a view of the fjord and the mountains.


Thereafter the trip goes to Eidfjord Old Church, our 700 year old pride. The train is registered for 50 persons, guiding in several different languages. The Trolltrain is in route during cruise calls, can also be prebooked by groups.

Souvenirs and gifts. Stones and minerals. Also fishing, folk music weekend and much more. Norwegian culture in the heart and Hardangervidda. Accomodation 85 beds and food, liquor license. Good fishingpossibilities and sale of fishinglicenses.

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Canoe, kayak and boat rental. Welcome to a cruise on the Hardanger Fjord! We serve home-made sour cream porridge, hot and cold food, ice cream, coffee and cakes. Sandhaug Turisthytte 5773 Hovland Tel: 91766225 Email: sandhaug turistforeningen. Bake your own local cake and have it served to you with coffee or tea. Take home an original piece of art to commemorate your visit to Norway, or have your portrait taken against the beautiful backdrop of our fjord!

Six-hole golf course.


Hardangervidda Golf Park is situated near the Rv 7 road on Hardangervidda. Large car park, and a short way to the hut area at Fet-Garen. We invite you to an adventure of taste, culture and local products - wanderings in orchards or modern production facilities for processing of apple in all varieties. Walking distance between farms. Travel companies Eidfjord Aktiv AS At our family-store you can shop in a cozy atmosphere, or just watch us as we are working.

We also do wood-carving and wood-burning with modern computerized lazertechnique. See locations on maps on pages 58-61 Accommodation 48 51 www. DNT 30 Kjeldebu www. Easter: from Friday before Palm Sunday for 9 days. Summer: July 1st until app. Selfservice: th. Serviced - DNT, winter: 13. August Tel: 56 52 67 32 7.

Extended opening times in the summer. Last petrol station before the mountains! Sparebank 1 Hardanger, Nedre Eidfjord: Mon: 9am — 3. The bus service is daily in the period from 7. Treat yourself to some locally produced apple juice before continuing towards Bergen. The remaining part of the trip should take you approximately 3 hours. Then you should choose to drive via Ryfylke! It takes you closer to Preikestolen Pulpit Rock, perhaps the most iconic natural landmark in Norway.

Made even more famous by the scenes in Mission Impossible: Fallout where Tom Cruise hangs from the cliff. The hike to Preikestolen is of moderate difficulty. In total, the 8-kilometer hike takes about 4-5 hours round trip.

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Når det kommer til dyreliv er det få steder i Europa du finner like stort mangfold som i Norge. På eventyr 3 i Jotunheimen nasjonalpark kan du speide etter flokker med rein, elg og hjort på slettene under snødekte fjell. Denne turen er audio guidet.

Les mer Utsiktsplatform Utsiktspunktet ved Vøringsfossen er utstyrt med flere plattformer som byr på vakker panoramautsikt. Du kan trygt bevege deg rundt innenfor det inngjerdede området. It is 10 km to Odda, the nearest City to Stana Gard. It takes only 10 minutes to drive from Odda to Stana Gard.

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Then the river Kinso flattens out and then it's only small streams and rapids in a beautiful landscape until you arrive at Nykkjesøyfossen. After that it is flattens out again until you arrive Søtefossen and after that you are at Hardangervidda. The road ahead after the Tveitafossen is closed with a gate and only those who have property up there has a key.

One of the best things to do in Norway is to go hiking to Norwegian outdoors. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopy, recording or any other information storage and retrieval system, without prior permission in writing from the publisher.

Horn Forlag assumes no responsibility for material sent to us by the companies presented in this book. The companies themselves are responsible for ensuring that the text and pictures accord with Norwegian law. This publication is free to receive for travel agents and tour operators all around the world.

Please do not hesitate to require more free copies from us; email us at mail hornonline. The product manual describes, county by county, the regional and local attractions of Norway, each with its unique appeal. Venture Norway a product manual for the tourism industry - Celebrating our 10th edition! For those who already know Norway well, we hope the book will help you serve your clients even more imaginatively, efficiently Are you a travel agent looking for more information, please contact us at mail hornonline.

Courageous architecture at specially designed stops afford travel a new dimension. From the Arctic Sea in the North to the lush land- scape of Jæren in the south. A trip along National Tourist Routes in Norway is a trip where landscape and road history meet the traces of our time.

Architecture with exciting shapes and startling solutions continue to appear along the National Tourist Routes. Exclusively designed picnic spots, lay-bys and parking areas. In quiet harmony or in sharp contrast to the landscapes and surroundings, the architecture contributes towards giving each stretch of road a special identity.

The effort has already attracted domestic and international attention and recognition.

Beautiful, spectacular and varied natural surroundings are the cornerstone of the National Tourist Route attraction.

With mountains, fjords, waterfalls and the coast in supporting roles. A trip that offers tourists world-class experiences of nature. The architecture is not intended to compete with nature, but to reinforce the experience of Norway outdoors.

Traces of our time www. The actual drive and view from the car window, with breaks at specially designed picnic spots and lookout points, is a goal unto itself.

The National Tourist Routes offer a quiet trip along by- roads, far from the hustle and bustle of the main roads. Internationally renowned art will also find its place along the National Tourist Routes. Several other artists have also been hired. Resonating history, the Tourist Routes meander through ages and epochs. In the interface between old cultural landscapes, modern art and architecture, the National Tourist Route attraction communicates new stories and traces of our times.

For more information; www.

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Architect: Code arkitektur as www. From sheltered birch forests and marshlands across plains to rugged cliffs and a dramatic lunar landscape, this route offers a contrast-filled journey through scenery characterised by its Arctic climate. The route follows the Arctic Ocean and meanders through a rugged landscape of cliffs and untamed nature where the bare mountains touch the oceans edge.

Deep fjords, glistening beaches, precipitous mountainsides and vital fishing hamlets define the local scenery. Andøya National Tourist Route Andøya runs along the outer edge of Andøya island, and offers a magnificent view of white sandy beaches, cragged peaks and the wide expanse of the ocean. The drive over Andøya island is characterised by an impression of wide marshes, with mountain peaks rising abruptly to 700 metres above sea level.

Lofoten National Tourist Route Lofoten takes you on a drive through magnificent scenery and a vibrant coastal culture. The landscape is filled with contrasts ranging from the dramatic expanse of the ocean to craggy alpine peaks, glistening white sandy beaches, fishing hamlets in sheltered ports and verdant agricultural communities.

Helgelandskysten National Tourist Route Helgelandskysten is connected by six ferries, and offers a contrast-filled motoring experience through a verdant cultural landscape, peaks, glaciers, coasts and ocean currents. Various natural phenomena are found along the route.

Atlanterhavsvegen Atlanterhavsvegen is a good example of how people and nature can interact successfully. The seven bridges that arch between the islets and skerries on the edge of the ocean not only present a magnificent view, they are also an outstanding feat of engineering. Geiranger-Trollstigen An exceptional driving experience along a route steeped in tradition, through spectacular scenery of deep fjords and lush valleys - wild, wonderful and vibrant.

Rondane The Rondane mountains exude a majestic serenity as if assured of their own grandeur and stability. The area can be explored in both summer and winter. The route follows the east side of Rondane National Park, passing through scenery that alternates between the cultural landscape on one side of the road and the mountain massif on the other.

Old stone walls meticulously crafted by hand and long rows of guard stones define the character of the road leading across the mountain plateau. In the olden days, many routes through the mountains were used for transport on foot and on horseback, but the journey was invariably strenuous and demanding. The Sognefjell road starts in the lush cultural landscape of Bøverdalen valley in the east and runs across the mountain plateau with panoramic views of glaciers and towering mountains before descending through valleys to the inner reaches of the Sognefjord with their tranquil hamlets in the west.

Gaularfjellet A serene journey passing protected rivers, waterfalls and a tranquil fjord. Further on, the road follows the protected Gaula river system, which is famous for its many waterfalls, but also has white-water rapids and tranquil mountain lakes. Valdresflye The road across the Valdresflye plateau provides expansive views of mountains and plains, from which it seems to swoop into the Jotunheimen massif like the beginning of an endless journey.

Capacity: 10 - 35 pax. Season: November - March. Experience the beauty of the nature close to the largest National park in Norway.


Distance: 25 km from port. Have you ever dreamed of climbing a frozen water fall? Ice climbing is fun and adventurous! You climb on top rope while belayed by your guide. We provide you with all necessary climbing equipment and teach you how to ice climb.

Individuals may choose from easy to difficult. The climbing location is adjacent to the famous Vøringfossen.

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The Vøringsfossen waterfall is Norways best known and most visited natural attraction. The majestic falls cascade more than 182 meters into the Måbø Valley below. The new view points at Fossli were finished in 2018 and by 2020 the trail and the spectacular bridge crossing over the waterfall should be completed. Experience centre for Norwegian nature, climate and environment — discover the diverse beauty Norwegian nature has to offer. Welcome to our modern cinema with 168 seats where we show the 225 degree panoramic film «Fjord, Mountain and Waterfall» produced by Ivo Caprino.

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